Saturday, October 3, 2009

Royal Mile and Street Performer

Today had the most bizarre weather! It was rainy, sunny and extremely windy all at the same time!! Now how do you dress for that?

But still Sam and I braved the sporadic weather and ventured down Royal Mile and Victoria Street! The day started a little slow for both of us... we had had a very long night yesterday, so we read and drank tea (lots and lots of tea) at a quaint, little cafe on Victoria Street. Then we continued walking down under the castle and circled around to Royal Mile. As usual the streets are busy with people, venders, bagpipers and street performers.

One street performer in particular (which I have a photo of above) was hysterical! He was so outrageous and flamboyant, not to mention extremely gifted in juggling, and definitely something I would expect in Edinburgh, being such a vibrant city. We watched him in the cold wind for an hour!

So as could can see, Edinburgh is such an alive city! There is always something new everyday. You can walk around the streets all day long and never be bored!!!


  1. Lindsay Whats going on!!!! Looks like you having fun :-) Cannot wait to talk to you soon I Skype I am in Texas with Grandma and Grandpa Love YOU.

  2. totally cool girl! and you are adorable adding beauty to the sights!!