Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy Holidays!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Years!! This year's holidays were very exciting, and I had a couple of adventures along to way…

First off, my flight to Germany was cancelled from all the snow here in Edinburgh. But after waiting in a queue for three hours, I was able to book the last seat on the last flight to London. Meanwhile, I ran into a friend, Demi, who was also trying to fly out of Edinburgh and on the same flight with me to London. When we arrived in London, we of course had to sort out our flight from London (which weren't until the next morning), but the guy who was helping us totally hooked us up to stay at the HILTON!!! So we got to spend the night in London at the Hilton!! SCORE!! Totally worth the cancellation and delays!

So the next day, I finally arrived in Stuttgart happily greeted by Julia through screams, laughs, hugs and tears!!! It was wonderful to see her and her family again!!! We stayed at her Grandma's house in a little village called Ichenhausen, outside of Ulm. The day I arrived was Christmas eve, so we all exchanged and opened presents after a wonderful German meal…mmmm…. I love German food!! Then, Julia and I headed over to her cousin's flat for drinks to celebrate Christmas!!!

After all our Christmas celebrations and the annual Christmas lunch with Julia's family, Julia toured me around Ulm. In Ulm, we climbed the highest Church tower in the world, called Ulmer Muenster! 768 steps!!! Straight up a spiral staircase… I was getting so dizzy! But we made it to the top and could see a 360 degree view of Ulm! It was outstanding!!

Also in Ulm, Julia and I went out to dinner with her cousins and friends at a restaurant called the Wild Man!! Haha! Then, we went to a German disco that was a blast! It was a crazy night and I just love the way Germans dance!!

The next morning, after we got back at half three in the morning, we had to wake up at 6!!! It was bloody difficult… but totally worth it in the end, as we were headed out for Julia's surprise!! DOG SLEDDING!!! The dogs were so cute and fun! And Julia had a blast on the ride!

After a wonderful Christmas with Julia's family, Julia and I headed over to Munich with her cousin Benedikt. It was sad saying goodbye to Julia's family. :( I had a wonderful time with them and miss them terribly!! But I have to admit… Munich was great! Benedikt took us all over the city and we got to see most of the tourist attractions including the Castle Nymphenburg (which Julia and I decided would be our future home ;)!!!) We had a wonderful Turkish dinner and got to see the BMW museum!!

And here are some pictures of the Castle Nymphenburg!

Then we left fabulous Deutschland and flew to Scotland! It was Julia's first time in Scotland and she fell in love with it as well! We did all the touristy things like Edinburgh Castle, National Gallery, National Museum, Edinburgh Dungeons, Arthur's Seat, and much more! And one night, we were having dinner at a restaurant called the Filling Station that has a map of New Mexico on the menus!!! Check out the pictures!!

And then it was time for Hogmanay!!! The best New Years ever!!! Edinburgh hosts a huge street party with fireworks, bands, lots of booze, and tons of fun, laughing, and belligerent people!!

Then on New Years Day, Julia and I ended our festive celebrations on the Royal Mile, where a huge chandelier was glowing above the street! It was a fabulous holiday and unbelievably fun, and I'm glad I got to spend it with Julia!!!

Happy Holidays to everyone! Miss you!!