Thursday, October 1, 2009

More Sunny Edinburgh!

Well, today is another beautiful day in sunny Scotland! I am currently wrapping up my courses for the week so I can enjoy the weekend. All of my classes are going swell. I especially enjoy my Medieval Scottish History class and am going on a field trip to explore some of the ancient cites and forts in two weeks!!!

Last weekend, Sam and I went to the National Gallery of Scotland. It was marvellous! It is a huge and -- given that this is Scotland -- a beautiful building with many exhibits. Sam and I explored the impressionism exhibit which filled me with absolute awe! I got to see works by Van Gogh, Degas, Monet, Renoir and Rembrandt to name a few!!! I could have fainted! And on top of all that, the gallery is completely free!!! I love this country.

I have also joined two new societies on top of the Whisky Society (which I did get my deposit in and am going to the Isle of Skye in three weeks on a whisky trail trip!!!!) The clubs and societies here have the brilliant idea of blending informative meetings with socials at pubs, so they are tons of fun! Thus, I have also joined the International Development society and iCUE which is an innovative consulting club for business students. Both have great projects that I have volunteered for. When I get started on them, I fill you all in on the details!

And as usual, I am having a blast! Miss you all!! (I'll load some more pictures soon)

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