Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Birthday Weekend!

Well, I had a wonderful birthday weekend! A little crazy -- but I won't go into that! On my actually birthday for dinner, the girls and I went up to Sheep Heid (the oldest pub in Scotland) and I had haggis for dinner...and guess what? I thought it was great! If you can believe that! I probably enjoyed it so much because it was spicy and usual the food here lacks spice entirely (I deprived! :) )

But sorry I haven't updated in a while (my family's been nagging me!) but I have been super busy as you can imagine.

I went back to the National Gallery with Sam and Suzanne and we conquered another floor: The Scottish Exhibit! So that 2 floors down, 5 to go! And as usual, I was in absolute awe! I even dragged Sam back up to the impressionism exhibit to see Monet's Haystacks with Snow again!!

Megan came down to Edinburgh this weekend, even though poor thing was so sick. But Sam and I still dragged her around Edinburgh to all our favourite pubs -- or at least the top four! ;) A particular favourite of mine is Sandy Bells which plays folk music almost every night!! Megan enjoyed it a lot as well!

Megan and I tried to go back up to Edinburgh Castle but the queue was way too long! So we walked along Royal Mile and Market Street which as usual was like a street fair!

Also, last week was another whisky tasting! Specialising in finishes from the Glemorangie distillery!! Squeal!!!!!! We had sherry cask, port cask, the original... the I stopped remembering the details... but altogether I had seven whiskies, two sherries and a port! I love Scotland!

Soon, I’ll post some more pictures for all of you! Miss You!!!


  1. Just wanted to put out there that I did indeed have a blast, despite being sick! Love ya, girl!