Saturday, October 17, 2009

Class Trip with Medieval Scottish History

What a beautiful day! Crystal blue sky, no wind, bearable temperatures = Splendid! We so lucked out! The class trip consisted of traveling to the border lands to visit the Melrose Abbey, Smailholm Tower, and the Abbey of St. Bathans.

Melrose Abbey was exquisite! And the scenery was stunning! I can see why all those monks would want to live there :). Plus, on the grounds in the allegedly grave for Robert the Bruce's Heart! Who doesn't love that! All in all, it was great there and I already want to go back!

Next stop, Smailholm Tower. It was as if I stepped into Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings! I was just waiting for Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas to coming riding out :)! So picture that but just add cows and swans and that was Smailholm Tower! From the top there is a spectacular panoramic view where you can see all of the land for miles! I just love the land here so much!

Last stop, well, we kinda got lost, so we made our last stop the Abbey of St. Bathans. It was a charming area with a small church, a pretty river, and my dream house with horses!


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