Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just Keeps Getting Better!

Ok! It absolutely rocks here! I never want to leave! Sorry Mama.

I started today, another sunny day in Edinburgh, at the Societies Fair for the university and want to join every one! There are so many clubs for sustainability, fair trade, and international development. Plus, there is a Whisky Society, the Water of Life Club, that does tastings every two weeks and plans whisky trail trips in the Highlands! Sold! There are also many dancing and theatre groups, and the choices are just endless.

After, we went to the Elephant House for tea, which is famous because this is where JK Rowling sat and wrote Harry Potter. The front looks nice and modest and you think, "this is where she wrote Harry Potter... kinda lame." But then in the back room there is a beautiful view of Edinburgh Castle and the theme song to Harry Potter comes into play. It was the perfect setting. Hogwarts actual slightly resembles Edinburgh Castle and you can just see her sitting there staring at the castle creating the wonderful story of Harry Potter. Sigh.

Then we ventured over to the National Museum of Scotland (which is free by the way, and turning into one of my weekly hang-outs). This adorable old man, most hospitable, gave us a tour in a very thick brogue, in which I could understand maybe 75% of what he was saying at the end ;).

But it was a lot of fun, and the museum had an exhibit of the Jacobites (my favorite part) with actual letters from Bonnie Prince Charlie who you have to like even if he was a wishy-washy wimp.

Anyhoo, after the museum we trekked up Royal Mile (another overly exciting street) up to the top of the hill to the famous Edinburgh Castle. Megan and I purchased a year pass for entry into most castles in Scotland (hundreds) for just 30 pounds instead of the 13 pounds for one day. So now I can go to Edinburgh Castle any time I wish along with Sterling Castle and, as I said, hundreds of other castles. What a deal!

The castle was amazing! Word cannot describe so I included some pictures posted below so you can see for yourself!

Hope everything is going well for all of you! Miss you!


  1. penny join the whiskey club immediately! I want to go on a whiskey trail when i come! I will get skype immediately. i didnt know that hp was written in edinburgh. how awesome! i like that they play the soundtrack! now thats what i'm talking about!