Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm Here!

I have finally landed in Edinburgh after 22 hours of flying and waiting in airports, sicker than a dog (poor Megan has had to deal with me!) But I am feeling much better now after a good night sleep.

Getting here was interest....Long flights (I luckily mostly slept!) with swollen and stiff joints....heavy luggage (that I had to rearrange to avoid a $150 fine for being over by 1.5 pounds!) that we had to tote around...passing through immigration where my throat is so swollen and inflammed I couldn't talk but do see a notice that states that those who show any signs of influenza will be quarantine, so Megan did all the talking while I smiled!...catching a cab from a driver whose accent was so thick I could barely understand him....and last, carrying our luggage up three flights of stairs to my dorm room. We had a guy help us (I think he carried three of our bags!) :) What can I say, we were weak by then.

As for Edinburgh, it is an absolutely gorgeous city! And we have lucked out with wonderful weather. The last two days have been sunny and warm (around 60-70 degrees). Megan and I have been trying to spend as much time outside as possible to soak up some vitamin D before the rain starts, but unfortunately I had orientation today (inside) for international students.

The hall, called McEwan Hall, where we were welcomed for orientation was beyond magnificent! It definitely puts the Kiva (place of UNM's orientation) to shame. McEwan hall was a large dome shaped, castle-like building with murals and paintings decorating the inside. Everyone that welcomed us was very sweet and the director of Edinburgh was hilarious!

One of the topics discussed in the orientation was the difference between the language American (and yes they say we do not speak English but speak American) and English. It was quite funny and alarmingly helpful. Megan and I already made a mistake of asking someone in the cafeteria where the silverware was. She looked at us as if we were being uppity and asked if we meant the "cutlery." Ha!

After the general welcome with had lunch with new friends, Sam from Sweden and Lars for Denmark whom we are meeting tonight at a Scottish Ceilidh (dancing, pronounced Kay-lee).

We have yet to go to a pub...we were way too tired, sick, and jet-lagged after the flight to go last night, but definitely tomorrow we are going!

Sorry for taking so long to blog, email, etc... we had a couple of issued with the internet in my room. We just fixed it! So now if I'm online, Skype me!! I miss all of you!



  1. Wow Lindsay what a great adventure you are going to have! Traveling internationally is just plain hard, I have gone to Colombia twice and that is a "short" trip. I am really excited for you!

  2. Hey Lindsay
    How is it going?
    Miss you


  3. Glad to see you have all your luggage;) nice pictures do you have your red camera?

    have fun


  4. Gimme your Skype! I'll call you from my phone or my computer.

    Like I told Megan, I'm glad you got there with minimal problems! And I hope you get feeling better- I'm just catching a crud, myself. Yay. Nothing a constant supply of hot tea can't fix. And goodness knows there's plenty of that about.