Saturday, September 26, 2009

Braving the Bus to the Sea & Around Town!

Well, today I touched the North Sea for the first time!! My friends and I decided to be brave enough to jump on a double-decker bus and ride up to the port! It was a blast! The bus was like riding a roller-coaster!

The sea was beautiful and what a perfect day! The sky was crystal-clear blue and super sunny (I seem to have bought the New Mexican sun with me)! The wind was pretty intense though. But hey! I'll take the sun anyway I can get it!

Then, we toured around town through Princes Street and along the Royal Mile. The architecture is so beautiful here and vastly different from the New Mexican pueblo style. I've included a couple of pics below.

A couple of nights ago, I had my first whisky tasting with the whisky society! We sampled (very generous samples I might add) five very different-tasting whisky, which on top of a couple of pints, found me very merry! ;) I even recited a poem about whisky in front of a hundred people! But I'm not going to go into that...

The whisky society is planning a whisky trail trip up to the Isle of Skye!!! Geez, this is my kinda club! Hopefully I can go... I'm on the waiting list.

Classes are going well. All of my lectures' accents are understandable (thank goodness!) My back-to-school ambition has kept me ahead of the reading, so this weekend is free for more exploration!!!

Love you all!

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