Monday, November 16, 2009

St Giles' Cathedral

I know it has been a while... I apologizes, but as you can imagine, as my first semester here in Edinburgh is wrapping up, things have been hectic.

One of the highlights of the last week was visiting St Giles' Cathedral! I have walked passed it many times, as it is placed in the heart of the Royal Mile, and admired its beauty from the outside. But only decided to go inside recently... and wow! The inside is magnificent! Tall Gothic ceilings with intricate stone-carvings, gigantic windows filled with stain-glassed narrations, and a overall connection with the ancient past. I was speechless, and my friend Sam, who has been studying Architecture History, gave my a grand tour of the history of the building. :)

No photography was allowed inside, so I bummed some pictures off the net so you all can see for yourselves!!

In one corridor, the walls were lined with family crests of families who have either contributed to the cathedral or to Scotland. One of the crests, and all you Outlander fans will love this, was from the Frasers of Lovat, complete with their motto, "Je Suis Prest"!! And as I recall, one of Jamie's favourite places in Edinburgh was St Giles' Cathedral and I can clearly see why (even though it would have looked entirely different in the eighteenth century :))


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