Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another American in Edinburgh!

For almost two weeks one of my friends from New Mexico, Shay, came to visit me! We had a blast, and were able to fit many adventures in her short visit! First, we went to Glasgow to see Dave Matthews Band! The concert was fabulous, and we were also able to tour around the city center which is much more urban and fashion trendy than Edinburgh. We visited a modern art museum as well, and overall were able to fit in a lot of sightseeing for only staying one night. :)

Now, of course I took Shay to all of the major tourist attractions in Edinburgh, but I don't want to be a repetitive bore… So, the next major adventure was St Patrick's Day in Dublin!!! Dublin is a great city with a happening pub culture and on St Patrick's Day everything was more extravagant and exciting by tenfold! There was a huge street parade with music and floats followed by a enormous party in the temple bar district. Plus, we stayed in a fabulous hotel thanks to Shay's extremely generous parents! I can easily say it was the absolute best St Patrick's Day ever! ;)

And here are some pictures from the Parade and Street Party!


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  1. Great update! You've been away for a long time. But girl when you start kissing statues you've had enuf beer! tee hee